Count Down to Window & Door Dealer Days

Jim Snyder
June 18, 2015
COLUMN : From the Field | Strategies & Practices

Attendees of last year's GlassBuild America gained insight from Express Learning sessions. Jim Snyder will speak again at this year's event, September 16-18 in Atlanta.

As a window and door dealer, do you ever find yourself wondering any of the following: Could some processes be easier? Why do certain issues continue to be a problem? Am I the only one facing them? What adjustments could make my business more profitable?

If any of these questions are familiar, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a place you can go for answers. Window & Door Dealer Days—held in conjunction with GlassBuild America in Atlanta, September 16-18—is an opportunity for dealers to get together to network with like businesses.

There is a distinct advantage to this event: it’s all about dealers—and dealers alone. There are ample opportunities to discuss dealer-specific, very applicable issues.


Often, the best way to learn is by hearing about the experiences of others, and sometimes only other dealers can relate to your issues. For example, just last year at the WDDA GlassBuild America event, I observed conversations between dealers regarding pressing issues.

In one of them, an attendee asked another how she had adjusted to the LRRP requirement in her region. She replied that, in pre-1978 homes, her company just assumes it will test positive for lead paint and handles it accordingly, and expounded further on why as her colleague listened intently. Later, that attendee told me how useful that information was for him, as he contemplated the same decision. Of course, her approach isn’t necessarily a good fit for all, but it resonated with him.

Locally we compete, but nationally, we pull together. Competitiveness falls away at events like this, and can lead to collaboration. In another example, something clicked with me as I spoke with my colleague, Paul. He had a unique perspective about an ongoing job flow issue and I realized I had a similar conversation with Bill the day before. I pulled Bill over and introduced him to Paul so they could join forces. Others were lured in by the topic and a spontaneous roundtable formed. Each dealer shared. Each dealer listened. Dealers were helping dealers.

Synergy equals energy. As I witnessed the collaboration taking place throughout the event, I was amazed at how the energy level rose. Somehow, sharing information and relating to each other’s struggles and victories energized the participants.

New Energy

New this year for dealers at the event is an increase in window and door manufacturer representation through the highly anticipated Dream Showroom. Located on the GlassBuild America trade show floor, this showroom will give dealers an opportunity to explore products that directly relate to them, again, reducing the extraneous information shared at other shows.

Express Learning, a series of 20-minute educational sessions, returns after its hugely successful introduction last year. Many topics will be dealer-specific. It will be content you can take with you and put into practice.

GlassBuild America will be better than ever this year with its expanded focus on dealers. Whether you’re a new dealer on-the-grow, or backed by decades of experience, Window & Door Dealer Days provides an opportunity to exchange that experience, and connects you with your dealer colleagues one-on-one.

Hope to see you there.

Jim Snyder is an AAMA-certified FenestrationMaster and InstallationMaster who shares his years of installation field experience as an industry writer, speaker, trainer and project/product consultant for dealers and manufacturers. A member of various industry organizations, Snyder also is involved in instructional document creation and revision. Contact him at