The Dream Showroom

Key factors to creating an ideal retail space
Emily Kay Thompson
June 22, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Sales & Marketing

Location, Location, Location

Dream Elements
Prime Location

SolarGlass Window & Door

Basalt, Denver, Ft. Collins and Boulder, Colorado


“Our customers are on the high end of the market, so we’re located in areas where those people shop,” Gwenael Hagan, SolarGlass Window & Door, says. And that happens to be in one of the highest retail cost-persquare- foot spots in the Denver metro area.

“Competitors think we’re crazy for the amount of money we spend per square foot,” Hagan reports. But he says that the showroom allows the company to win competitive deals. “When a homeowner, architect or builder visits our showroom as compared to someone else’s and gets a sense of the product, it’s no longer just about price.”

Hagan believes that the business is not just builders working with their window company any more. It’s now about the homeowners coming and saying, I’ve done my homework, I want to look at these products. “When you get on that footing, we’re your showroom seller.” The reason, “the choreography behind the sales strategy,” Hagan says, is that, “we want it to be a tool, not just a showroom.”

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