The Dream Showroom

Key factors to creating an ideal retail space
Emily Kay Thompson
June 22, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Sales & Marketing

A Boutique Experience

Dream Elements
Ambiance, Creative Display

Franklin Window and Door

Franklin, Indiana


There isn’t one specific design component that really stands out from the rest at Franklin Window and Door, but “how each component accentuates the next,” as Cori Brown puts it. “From the original pressed metal ceiling to the rustic wood siding which leads beautifully into the array of hardware samples on the wall, every detail flows well to the next.”

A highly visible space with lots of storefront windows, the circa-1900s building was originally a car dealership in Franklin, Indiana’s historic district. Brown bought the space in 2012 and started to remodel. After a year of restorations and renovations, the result is a space with a “rustic and classic feel,” Brown says. “It’s very different from a typical showroom. There’s a whole different ambiance.”

Though the location is in the historic district of Franklin, Indiana, the upscale showroom incorporates a lot of modern twists, too, like the high-definition television that scrolls through photos of glass options and door styles. Combined with the boutique atmosphere and the creative use of space, the showroom creates a soothing, upscale experience, more like shopping at a favorite boutique. “We achieved this by our flooring choices, paint colors, and different textures throughout the showroom,” Brown says.

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