The Dream Showroom

Key factors to creating an ideal retail space
Emily Kay Thompson
June 22, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Sales & Marketing

Thoughtful Presentation

Dream Elements
Creative Use of Space

North Georgia Replacement Windows

Roswell, Georgia


North Georgia Replacement Windows literally rolls out the red carpet for its clients. “When you walk into our showroom, the first thing you do is walk across the red carpet,” describes Ted Kirk. He says it’s a similar experience to what the company provides in the home. Employees set up a red carpet to protect people’s homes during install, he explains.

Kirk views the company’s showroom as an investment. As such, he makes it a priority. “We try to take a small portion of our marketing budget every year and invest it back into our showroom,” he says. “That’s an important area that needs to keep evolving.”

The investment has been well worth the work, too. “We have a closing rate of close to 70 percent on customers who come in to our showroom,” Kirk reports. He says that is about a 20 to 25 percent higher close ratio than those done in the field.

Products are displayed in a way that allows customers to compare and contrast side-by-side. French doors open up into the warehouse and conference areas, and doors to separate offices are available for sale. And, the company even uses its warehouse to wow customers. “We often have a lot of doors that are in the finishing process,” says Kirk. “We can take people back into our warehouse and use existing customers’ product for examples as well.”

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