The Production Cycle

June 22, 2015

There are a few specific areas that have a large impact on the integration of new equipment into the production cycle. Rob Macaulay and Mitchell Heckbert, Urban Machinery, have the following tips for each of the critical areas.

Machine Acceptance

Often referred to as “factory run off,” once the machine build is complete, schedule one to two days to visit your supplier’s facility to run the machine at rate. All products should be cycled and quality tested as if they are in the production environment.


Install and Commission

Allow a realistic time frame to integrate the machine into the production cycle. Production rates will be slowed as the operators become familiar with the machine interface and techniques required to run at rate.


Line Layout

Analyze workflow to minimize any nonvalue added steps and/or product movements. Plan carefully using machine footprints and safety fencing.



All photos courtesy of Urban Machinery