A stimulus program for replacement windows and doors…

John G. Swanson
November 18, 2008
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Right now, there’s much talk about the need to bail out U.S. automakers. Those in favor say actions are necessary to save the economy from falling into depression and put the U.S. in a leadership role in next generation energy efficient cars.

A stimulus program for replacement windows and doors...
...is needed and the industry should lobby for it.
...might be beneficial, but is not worth a lobbying effort.
...is not needed and would only waste tax dollars.

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The U.S. window and door industry isn’t in danger of disappearing, but one can make an equally compelling argument that some sort of government intervention in our business could deliver the same benefits—economic stimulus and enhanced energy efficiency. What I’m thinking of specifically is a more significant tax credit for replacing the millions of single-glazed windows and doors in older homes. Or perhaps some type of low-interest loan program.

It seems to me that would be one way to put a lot of people to work in manufacturing plants and doing installations in the field.  It could also make a significant contribution to our country’s long-term energy independence. But what do you think of the idea? That’s our poll question of the week. And, as usual, I’d like to hear your thoughts. And if anyone’s already lobbying for such a program, and would like support, tell us about your efforts.






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