Be Cautious on Green

May 13, 2009
TIP OF THE WEEK | Management

Given the worldwide concern over the environment, pollution levels and global warning–and the increasing political and government involvement in these areas–it's no surprise that consumers have an increasing interest in "green" building.

However, caution and care should be implemented by all involved, given the increasing frequency of claims and litigation arising from attempted green construction. As the general public, building owners and developers are increasingly accepting green building practices, and as building codes around the country are calling for green certifications, attorneys are swarming onto the scene.

Green issues are bubbling up and likely will surface in the court system in the near future as the public is beginning to question and challenge the claims made on a range of products, from refrigerators to energy-efficient light bulbs to building products.

This week's Tip comes from David Toney, an attorney with Adams & Reese LLP, who specializes in the fenestration industry. On May 21, his firm is hosting a presentation entitled, "Green Building: Unique Opportunities and Interesting Challenges," at its offices in Houston. For more information on the event email Tara Rollin or call 713/308-0375.