Do You Have Plans in Place for Disasters?

John G. Swanson
August 30, 2011
THE TALK... | Management

Visiting Cape Cod this past weekend, I got a first-hand look at a hurricane and also saw the effects of the storm. They were not catastrophic around me by any means, but trees went down and there were widespread power outages. This week's Talk comes from a friend's house as a result of power being down at my own.

Anyway, the storm is on my mind, and I was curious how window and door companies react to such situations.  Certainly it depends on whether your own facilities are impacted or not, but I wanted to know how many businesses, be it manufacturers, distributors or retailers, had plans in place, ready to deploy when such events occur.

That's our poll question of the week.  And as usual, I'd like to hear from you.  Post a comment and tell us about your company's advance planning.  What about your experiences with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.?  What have you learned?   


Survey Results as of 09/6/2011:


Does your company have a disaster plan in place?

We have not established any special plans for such events.




We have plans both for our own operations and to serve customers quickly.




We have a plan if our own operations get hit.




We have a plan to take care of customers quickly.




Slightly more than half our respondents report not having a plan in place in case of emergency, and I have to confess, we're in the same boat at Window & Door. Getting around a temporary power outage was not that difficult, but last week's events do have me thinking about contingency plans for more challenging circumstances.

I can't say I have much advice for how to best prepare.  I do recall some articles from Window & Door a few years ago, however.  Christina Lewellen, our senior editor, travelled to New Orleans two years after Katrina to interview a number of manufacturers and dealers that we're not only hit by the storm, but who worked with customers in the rebuilding effort. Those stories, with the links shown below, still offer good food for thought: