Are You Getting to Know Your Elected Officials?

John G. Swanson
May 12, 2009
THE TALK... | Management

House Majority Leader John Boehner visited Deceuninck North America this week. His district includes Monroe, Ohio, where the vinyl extruder is one of the largest employers, so he has good reasons to visit the company, learn more about its operations, and hear its concerns.

This is the latest example of what appears to be a trend–our industry speaking up more to Washington officials. Viwinco in Pennsylvania recently hosted its congressman, Serious Materials welcomed Vice President Joe Biden at its Chicago plant, and the Northeast Window & Door Association organized a fly-in to our nation's capitol, where its members met staff from Maine Senator Olympia Snowe's office. 

Given the federal government's increasing influence on our business, this is all to the good.  But I thought I'd use this week's poll try to find out just how widespread this trend is. Is your company trying to interact more with your representatives?  Email me and tell me more.  Let me know if you have hosted a government official at your faciltiy or paid them a visit.  And, of course, I'd like to hear what's on your agenda too.

My company:
Has been in touch with our elected officials for years.
Has recently reached out to our elected officials.
Is planning to contact our elected officials.
Does not see this as a high priority.

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