Have you picked up employees from struggling industry companies?

John G. Swanson
September 24, 2008
THE TALK... | Management

A manufacturer contacted me not too long ago to see if I had heard any news about one its local competitors. The reason he inquired is that he was seeing an influx of people from this competitor looking for jobs at his operation.

While I hadn’t heard any news in this particular case, and I wasn’t much help, it reminded me of something said to me not too long ago. “If you can afford to do it, it’s a great time to hire people,” an industry supplier told me. “With some companies cutting back, there’s a lot of talent and knowledge available.”

So for my question of the week this week, I thought I’d ask, are you picking up experienced people from struggling competitors while they’re available? Maybe you’d like to but things are too tight. Maybe you don’t see that much talent available. Maybe you’re someone who was let go by one firm, but you’ve landed on your feet elsewhere. Whether you’re hiring or you’ve been hired, whether you’ve added plant and operations people or sales and executive talent, email me and share your stories.


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