Luck and planning

Nicole Harris
November 5, 2012
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“I feel lucky,” a Connecticut-based business friend told me following Hurricane Sandy.  “I have electricity and a roof, unlike the businesses on either side of me.”

Sometimes, it is just about luck, but it’s also good to have a disaster recovery plan in place for your company.  In the case of my friend, Tom, the potential for long-term power outages and order drop-off during Sandy was visceral, as his entire company is VoIP and cell-phone based. So, he called his phone provider for a back-up plan.  Within hours, his phone service was connected to a 4G network box, allowing him to maintain contact with his employees and anxious tri-state area customers when the power went out.   

As the luckier homeowners and businesses start to rebuild, our poll question of the week is:  Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your business?  Email me or post a comment about your experiences, post-Sandy or otherwise.


Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your company?

Yes, we have a solid disaster recovery plan for our business.





No, we do not have a plan, but plan to create one very soon.





Yes, we had a plan, but not for this type of disaster and need to update.






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Any comments from effected businesses regarding there insurance company's stand on there "Business Interruption Insurance"Policy from Sandy's aftermath??

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