Trust is Where the Transaction Happens

By Madeleine MacRae
March 21, 2017
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We all know that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Notice, I didn’t say with businesses, but people. All the brand credibility in the world won’t open wallets. Personal trust is where the transaction happens.

While it may be a little shocking to say it that boldly, our clients aren't shelling out their hard-earned money unless the trust trifecta is working for us. What that means is that consumers will only invest in their homes with us when they trust our business, they trust our solution and they trust our representatives in the field—our salespeople.

We often pour a huge amount of resources into developing our brand and creating enough consumer trust in our brand or business to entice new consumers to become leads, to pick up the phone or to click our link and schedule in-home consultations. As an industry, we also devote massive amounts of time and effort to creating the best product line-up for our consumers.

So, as a general rule, we can check off points number one and two of the trust trifecta: business and solutions. What about the third one—our salespeople? 

How can we transfer the brand and business credibility we've invested so heavily in creating into every step of our sales process so that trust can be felt in the field and, ultimately, be seen in our sales numbers?

Let’s say that Mrs. Jones calls the office in response to an ad. The booker sets the appointment and, in two days, right on time, your sales rep is knocking on her door ready to help craft the perfect solution for her window or door needs.

The very fact that your sales rep is there is proof of your business trustworthiness, but what about the personal trustworthiness of your sales rep? He/she has to start from scratch and all of the brand equity that you've built up loses much of its gusto.

The credibility hack you need here are two simple words: “as promised.” These words create a continuum that amplifies the impact of the promise your business made and your sales rep will keep.

Having your sales rep use the words “as promised” in the first few seconds of their greeting creates an ultra-powerful neurological signal in the customer's brain that short-cuts the traditionally long route to personal credibility. It transfers the trust your business has directly onto the individual and instantly establishes and reinforces your staff as trustworthy and credible.

Adding the simple phrase to your sales appointment opening moments, to reminder and follow up texts and emails, and even peppering it in during phone conversations, weaves a fabric of trust transference that catapults your sales teams’ credibility right into your top line results.


Survey Results for 03/22/2017 :

How much do you think personal trust impacts sales?

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It's all about how much they trust the sales rep





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Having built sales from zero to more than $1 million in several small businesses across several markets, Madeleine MacRae brings real world experience to her business, MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting. She has worked with contractors, dealers and manufacturers in the home professionals industry for more than a decade.