Will Many Plants Re-Open?

John G. Swanson
June 13, 2009
THE TALK... | Management

For better or worse, the headlines in today's WDweekly present a real snapshot of the today's economic landscape. Read just about any forecast or outlook today, and it will likely include a mix of optimistic signals that the worst is over, but also cautionary notes that the struggles will continue for some time before the economy can truly be considered healthy.

Among this week's stories, I was struck most however, by the news that Canadian door maker Tru Tech is re-opening a former Therma Tru plant.  Of course, we've all heard about Serious Materials' efforts to re-open closed plants, and some of the larger manufacturers that have shut down facilities have indicated that they do hope to re-open them when demand comes back.  So, given eventual economic strengthening, will many more plants come back to life?

That's our poll question of the week, and as usual, I'd like hear your thoughts on the potential for new window and door plants and/or re-openings?  I know there are plenty of companies with eyes toward future growth out there.  Would you look to re-open facility that might have an already trained workforce nearby?  Would you prefer to start fresh?  Let me know what you think.

Will more window and door plants re-open when the economy recovers?
Yes, a substantial number
Yes, but only a handful
No, demand will just not be that strong
No, companies will look at new locations when they need to expand

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