Take the Industry Pulse

Share your experiences from the past year and plans for the future year in Window + Door’s annual Industry Pulse survey
Laurie Cowin
October 15, 2019
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To keep an accurate pulse on the fenestration industry, Window + Door needs to hear from those on its front lines. What products are most popular in your part of the market? How is Industry 4.0 and automation changing your operations? What are your sales and production goals in 2020? How are you navigating the changing market? Weigh in on these questions, and more, in the Industry Pulse survey, open only through this Friday, Oct. 18.

This important study—results of which will be presented in the January/February issue of Window + Door—provides insight on industry-wide trends and expectations. The data can help you gauge where your experiences fit within the bigger scope of the market and also as a tool to help set reasonable expectations for the future.

The strength of this survey lies in receiving input from the entire industry, including all manufacturers, dealers and suppliers. We’re asking each of you to participate so the results accurately reflect the experiences of each aspect of the industry. Please share your challenges and successes from 2019 and your goals and expectations from 2020. We look forward to providing the full report and analysis in our first issue of 2020.

Click here to participate. If you have more insight to offer beyond the survey, please contact me.  

Laurie Cowin is senior editor of Window + Door. Contact her at lcowin@glass.org.