What's the Rest of the Year Look Like to You?

John G. Swanson
June 11, 2013
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"Finally seeing a nice uptick in business!!!!"  That was the sign-off on an email I received this week from an industry supplier, and it was just the kind of nugget I needed to feel better about the next few months.

Despite improving economic data–and construction and remodeling industry data suggesting that window and door sales are on the upswing–I continue to hear some in our industry complain that their business is still in the doldrums.  So this most recent report from the field suggested to me it's time for a poll on the industry outlook.  

What does the second half of 2013 look like at your business?  That's our question, but of course I'd like to hear from you as well.  What segments of the industry are doing well?  Where do you see weakness?  Are you optimistic for 2014?   Please email me or post a comment below to share your thoughts.

Survey Results as of 06/18/2013 :


For the second half of 2013, we expect:

A slight increase in sales.





A strong increase in sales.





Business to remain flat.





A slight downturn in sales.





A real downturn in sales.





About three quarters of our respondents expect an increase in sales for the second half of the year, including more than a third who say their companies will see a strong increase in sales.  Those are the kind of poll results I like to see and it's probably the most optimistic industry gauge I've seen in five years.

One window executive sent me an email with his predictions, noting that his company is witnessing substantial growth this year with both new construction and replacement.

With a low inventory of homes for sale and increasing home prices in some markets, builders are racing to get new homes going and “flippers” are investing a lot of time remodeling those homes that are available, he explained.  

"With the lack of inventory, building below household formation rates the past few years, we believe 2014 will show solid growth as well," he also notes. 

I'm hearing more and more such voices, and to that all I can add is "Amen."




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