Will You Be Attending This Fall's Trade Shows?

John G. Swanson
July 16, 2013
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Each fall, I make the rounds, attending GlassBuild America, the Remodeling Show, the AMD Convention and Exhibition, and Win-Door North America.  I just started making some travel plans and I couldn't help but wonder whether the strengthening market might translate into busier events this year.

Now I know many factors besides the economy go into decisions to attend a show. You might have personal conflicts, or others at your company might have a greater need to attend.  I plan to add an extra show this fall–Greenbuild–simply because I haven't been for a couple of years and it's a quick train ride away for me to get to this year.  But the strength of the market is generally very influential in determining which shows we go to and how many people a company might send.

So what's happening with you this fall?  That's our poll question of the week.  And, of course, I'd like to hear from you.  If you're attending more events, or less, why?  Email me or post a comment to share your thoughts.    

Survey Results as of 07/23/2013:


Looking to the industry's upcoming fall shows:

I will attend the same event or events I attended last year.





I generally don't attend these events.





I will attend fewer events than I did last year.





I will attend more events than I did last year.





Our poll results suggest there's still some caution in the industry, when it comes to investing in trade show attendance.  The results indicate this fall's events will probably see similar attendance to 2012's shows. 

One manufacturer emailed me to say that he'll be going to GlassBuild and possibly the Remodeling Show, but "I still need to see more activity in the market to get more aggressive in going to shows."

One dealer wrote me to say he was looking for more of a national event–tailored to someone like him–that provides a good overview of window, door and millwork products.  That's an idea I have always liked, but I suspect any move to organize such an event would be greeted with complaints about "too many shows."  



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The industry is not short of trade shows. I've attended more than usual this year and will be concluding with GlassBuild in September, especially for the WDDA forum, and then a specialized FMA conference in October. It's fun to connect with familiar faces at each event. See you in Atlanta!

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