Are you planning to offer a higher-end upgrade to your line?

John G. Swanson
October 15, 2008
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Most window and door manufacturers are interested in components that will give their products a higher end look, but most have to balance cost concerns as well. That's still true but hardware and extrusion suppliers at GlassBuild last week indicated more manufacturers are showing a real interest in adding components or developing complete new lines that offer an enhanced appearance.

Are you planning to offer a higher-end upgrade to your line?
We are starting to explore options in this arena.
We are already in the process of some major changes.
We are already in the process of some minor changes.
We already offer higher end lines and continue to expand those.

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With fewer windows and doors being sold, companies are focusing more on differentiation, they say. Is that true for you? That's our question of the week. 

And, of course, I'd like to hear from you. How far do you think you want to go? Do you want a few more hardware options on your existing line? Do you want a completely new product--like a composite? If you have already made such moves, are they working yet? Suppliers share your thoughts on what's happening on this front too.  Email me and let me know.










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