Impact Products Fit in Every State

By Jona Elisco, All American Windows and Doors
May 19, 2015
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The first word that comes to mind regarding impact windows and doors is "hurricane." Yes, impact glass windows and doors are mostly used in hurricane-prone states where, in certain places, it is a state law to install hurricane shutters or upgrade to hurricane glass. 

However, impact glass is beneficial in many applications beyond category three hurricanes and winds. Once window and door dealers acknowledge this idea, they can take their business beyond at-risk states. To do so, you must explain why impact windows and doors are an investment. 

Although their main purpose is to withstand strong winds and avoid putting up and taking down window shutters, there are the other points to cover when marketing hurricane-impact glass. Here are seven features to highlight when selling these products.   

  1. Burglary Protection—Hurricane windows are built with a stronger sealed interlayer, which makes break-ins through windows more difficult.
  2. Noise Reduction—Laminated glass with a pliable interlayer absorbs sound and significantly lowers ambient noise. 
  3. Safety—Impact windows are difficult to break but, when they do, the glass stays intact, protecting homeowners from fragmented pieces of glass. 
  4. Energy Efficient—Impact windows and doors properly insulate the building. This maintenance of internal temperature reduces cooling and heating costs. Energy consumption can be reduced anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.
  5. Insurance Premium Discounts—Many insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums for homes with hurricane-impact glass or install shutters. A little less than half of the states in the U.S. already have hurricane deductibles.
  6. UV Protection—Providing up to 99 percent protection from ultraviolet (UV) light, these products protect interior features from sun damage without reducing visible light.
  7. Enhanced Appearance—Hurricane windows come in any style or size to fit any opening with modernized seals and frames, even in homes with large panoramic views. Beyond the aesthetics, high-quality glass can also increase property value. 

Impact windows and doors can be sold anywhere by promoting these benefits to consumers. Will you start selling them to your customers outside hurricane territory? Take this week’s poll, leave a comment and/or email your thoughts on the subject.

Have you considered expanding your target market for impact glass/hurricane-rated products?

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Jona Elisco is the vice president of Sales at All American Windows and Doors, which specializes in impact windows and doors. With more than 12 years of experience within the window and door industry, Elisco works directly with customers to ensure their satisfaction with their window and door projects by providing top-notch customer service in addition to high quality products.

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Interesting fact about impact windows absorbing sound vibrations. It never occurred to me that such windows might influence insurance rates as well. It sounds like upgrading wouldn't be a bad idea.

I don't live in a hurricane state, but I would definitely be interested in the noise reduction. I play and record music in my home so it would definitely help me maintain a positive relationship with the neighbors. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely consider getting some impact windows for my upcoming home.

I had no idea that hurricane windows could have so many other uses. I particularly like how it can save so much money between energy savings and insurance premiums. That seems like something that I could put on my home even though I don't live in an area where there are hurricanes. Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information! I've thought about having hurricane windows installed on my house, but I don't live in a hurricane prone area. I didn't know that they can also protect my home from other threats. It seems like my home would need hurricane windows for burglary protection and noise reduction. My home is really close to the city, so it's really noisy, and there are a number of burglaries in my area. I would like to have some extra protection, so hurricane windows seem like they might benefit my home.