A New Era of Door Glass Framing

By Keith Juhola, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ODL Inc.
June 2, 2015
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In the last four years, the world of door glass framing—the seal between the door and glass—has changed dramatically. Before, there was one choice: one frame, one profile. Surveying the market today, you’ll see that we now have options. Some options deal with performance, others with aesthetics. Some work well in hot and humid climates, others in cold climates. This new world of door glass framing is changing the marketplace. How?

For one, different places have different door glass framing needs; now those needs can be met. The Midwest has different door glass framing needs than the Southeast, for example, just as a hurricane-prone area has different needs than a dry area. It may seem obvious, but this idea has been revolutionary for door and window dealers. Providers that are able to meet the needs of a specific area or application can be more successful. 

Also, installation should now be easier and more effective. Little looks worse than beautiful decorative door glass ruined by oozing, wet caulk. This problem can now be avoided with caulk-free installations, made possible by a foam technology that’s recently entered the market. Better installations also mean fewer service calls.

Finally, offering a variety of styles allows dealers to meet a customer’s needs and preferences—no matter the style of home. A door glass frame that looks attractive in a modern home might look out of place in a Craftsman. A frame that works for an art nouveau home wouldn’t look great in a Victorian. Having the flexibility with door glass can allow you to be the dealer for every customer.

In short, dealers who offer door glass frames with new styles and foam technologies are able to deliver value, not just on the door glass, but on the entire entryway.

Has the surge of door glass framing styles and new installation materials changed your business? Are you capitalizing on the different options in door glass framing options and styles? Review the poll, leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject, and/or send an email to discuss.

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Keith Juhola is vice president of sales and marketing at ODL Inc., a Zeeland, Michigan-based manufacturer of door glass, tubular skylights, door blinds, retractable screens and other entryway products. He oversees sales, marketing and customer service for its USA distribution business. A salesperson and sales manager for more than 25 years, Juhola has worked for both distributors and manufacturers in the high tech and building materials industry.


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Thanks for sharing the useful and informative post with us.

This is now become an important issue, in the recent years, we have found multiple changes in the door and window installation process. These are the basic things for every home and also increase the look and design of the interior, so we definitely need the special treatment for our home interior and exterior. Thanks for this wonderful overview.

In the last four years, the world of door glass framing the seal between the door and glass—has changed dramatically. Before, there was one choice: one frame, one profile. Surveying the market today, you’ll see that we now have options.

It's handy to know that there are options when it comes to front doors and the framing as well. I have never really given any thought to it until my wife suggested we change things up a bit. I like the sound of glass framing, as you suggested. I think it would add a classy look to the front of our house. Thanks for the suggestions! http://www.jandjbuildingproducts.ca/doors?page=shop.browse&category_id=4

It's nice to be aware of how door glass framing has improved compared to a few years ago. I remember when I go my first door glass frame that I was only able to choose one frame and one profile, just like you said in this post. It's great that I can have a new one installed more effectively with a variety of styles to choose from now. I've been meaning to replace my door glass frame, so I'm glad that I can choose one in a style that will suit my house.

I have a skyline manufactured home that I bought new in 2006. I have Kinro dual payne windows and 2 sliding doors. To my dismay, I cannot clean my windows (1 slider and 2 kitchen windows) because the middle is where the defects are. I do not feel I should have to replace windows every few years and don't think the manufacturer intended this problem to occur. What can I do to get CLEAN windows. It's driving me nuts and I don't have the resources to replace them. Please advise