Snapshots from Fensterbau/Frontale 2012

Highlights from the trade fair floor in Germany

In additon to the following highlights, Window & Door's coverage of the Fensterbau/Frontale international trade fair also includes:

  • A report with an overview of the event
  • Ongoing coverage of new introductions in doors, windows, components, equipment and services targeted at the window and door industry

Passivhaus and Energy Efficiency Products

  Windows and doors of all types could be seen around the show labeled as "passivhaus" rated or with extremely low U-factors. 

 Aluminum window system and component suppliers showcased a wide variety of thermal break systems.

 Aluminum product manufacturers also touted the low U-factors achieved with their systems.

 Extruders and vinyl window manufacturers were showcasing foam and other new insulating options.

 Airspaces, foams, and composite materials for wood framing systems were featured by numerous companies.

Quanex Building Products made its Fensterbau debut and featured a holographic-type video presenter to explain the benefits of warm-edge technologies.



Among the unique new offerings in the hardware arena at Fensterbau was an antimicrobial coating offered on Hoppe handles.



 Wide opening door systems on display included a new design in the Siegenia booth, left, with the top and bottom rails recessed to create an an all-glass appearance. Australia's Brio also showcased its hardware line at Fensterbau for the first time. 
Yale featured the new keyless Lockmaster lock, left, a battery-operated unit operated by entering a code on a keypad.  Fingerprint reading devices were featured by a variety of suppliers.    

 STG-Beikirch, left, featured a new motorized operater that fits within a window or skylight profile. Roto featured a prototype automatic tilt window system powered by a solar panel to eliminate the need for additional wiring.

New Finish Options


 Hornschuch featured an expanded line of profile laminates, including metallic and pearlescent finishes in a variety of colors. In addition to new colors and metallics, Renolit showcased a new repair system that allows a new layer of its film product that can be applied in the field.



 Urban, left, showcased a gluing line for applying a structural adhesive to bond the frame to the glass. A wide variety of handling equipment was on display also.

 Fensterbau is held in conjunction with Holz-Handwerk, which features several halls featuring the latest in woodworking equipment, including machines targeted at window and door component production.

Entry Doors


 As usual, Fensterbau features many entry door manufacturers.  The show typically features a wide variety of doors on display.

 Contempory designs, generally produced in aluminum, are common at the show.

Veka featured a vinyl door with an exterior facing, made with a decorative glass panel.