2014 Top Specialists

No manufacturers. No big boxes. Just the Top Specialists.
Bethany Stough, Jenni Chase
May 26, 2014

In a crowded home improvement market, consumers are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to window and door replacement, as are builders seeking products for new construction projects. And while a number of companies—from big box stores to full-service remodelers—offer window and door products and installation services, they aren’t “specialists” in the field. In an effort to highlight the unique expertise of dealers and distributors that do primarily focus on the window and door market, Window & Door introduces the first national Top Specialists rankings.

This new list—the latest in Window & Door’s prestigious “top list” editorial that includes the Top 100 Manufacturers—ranks dealers and distributors specializing in windows, doors, skylights, sunrooms and related products for the new construction, remodeling and replacement markets, based on sales volume. To qualify for these rankings, sales of windows, doors, skylights and related products, accessories and services must account for more than 50 percent of a company’s 2013 estimated total sales. LBM dealers and distributors, home improvement dealers, etc., might have large window and door sales volumes, but they do not qualify for the Top Specialists rankings if sales of window and door products account for less than 50 percent of total annual sales. In addition, companies must be independently owned and operated. Specialty divisions of lumber yards, manufacturers or other businesses do not qualify, unless the entire business qualifies.
Because Window & Door already prepares annual rankings of the Top 100 Manufacturers, the Top Specialists does not rank companies that manufacture windows, doors, skylights, etc., even though many manufacturers run retail operations. Companies in the Top Specialists
rankings may have shops for window mulling, pre-hanging, cutting trim materials or other such activities.

The Scope

The Top Specialists list is Window & Door’s first effort to identify the largest independently owned, specialty window and door companies in the United States, and as such, is by no means comprehensive. The list is based on the submissions of window and door companies across the U.S. that were willing to provide information including annual sales data, number of employees, product lines offered, and customers and markets served. Ninety percent of the companies on the following pages provided exact sales information for this new editorial. For those firms that chose not to participate, but that we still felt belonged on the list, we relied on estimates from industry insiders and other sources, noting that their sales information has not been confirmed.
For additional information on how your company can be included in the Top Specialists rankings, contact Jenni Chase at 703/442-4890 ext. 164, jchase@glass.org.
Chase is editorial director of Window & Door, and its sister publication, Glass Magazine. Write her at jchase@glass.org.