Fensterbau in Review

Euro show offers insights for North American market
May 15, 2018

Fensterbau, the biennial European tradeshow for fenestration, provides the North American market a look at trends on a global scale. Though there are certain elements that transcend markets, such as the tendency toward bigger openings and wide-open entries, exhibitors were quick to note that specific trends don’t necessarily translate. It’s not likely the North American market will see tilt-turns dominate, for example. But materials, components and manufacturing practices are completely applicable. 

Of particular note, the stands nestled all the way into Hall 3 of the gigantic maze of the exhibition center displayed evidence of this latter notion. Machinery suppliers splayed their robots and technology across numerous aisles and rows; with automation for nearly every process. 

With conversations about shifting trends in profile laminates and color, big ideas about customer-centric manufacturing and the challenges of just-in-time manufacturing, the event inspired content ideas you’ll find here in Window & Door throughout the year. And, above all else, the experience built up anticipation for September, when we do this on our own turf—GlassBuild America is just around the corner. Registration is now open at glassbuildamerica.com.

Until then, take a look at this product coverage from Fensterbau 2018