All Work and No Play?

Jenni Chase
February 11, 2014
THE TALK... | Methods & Techniques

Let me preface this Talk by saying that I didn’t choose the topic based solely on the opportunity to share this after-hours picture of the Window & Door staff at the International Builders’ Show last week. (Although really, how could I pass it up?) I chose the subject of social networking events because my curiosity was genuinely peaked about the role they play in the window and door industry, following the great evening we had with the Therma-Tru and Simonton Windows staff at their “Chiller Thriller” party in Las Vegas.


So, how important are social networking events to your company? And I’m talking about the face-to-face kind here, not their electronic counterparts. Do you regularly participate in events where customers and employees get the opportunity to mingle in a fun, after-hours environment?

Forbes magazine points out in this article that “people ultimately choose to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them.” Do social gatherings play a part in how you show your appreciation to your employees and customers? Please post a comment and share your thoughts.

Survey Results for 02/12/2014 :

Do you host social events for those involved with your company?

No, we don't have the resources





Yes, for employees and customers





No, but we're thinking about it





Yes, but only for customers




Chase is editorial director of Window & Door, and its sister publication, Glass Magazine. Write her at

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