Care and Handling at the Jobsite

Last week was Window Safety Week.  While that event focuses on educating the homeowner, it is also important to consider safety when transporting, installing and handling windows at the job site. Simonton Windows has prepared a list of 10 tips for workers involved in delivery, installation, and working with homeowners.

  • Use caution and proper lifting techniques when it comes time to move, lift and place windows in their openings. Windows can be heavier than they appear, so using a team effort is a good idea.
  • Make sure window units are locked before moving or transporting them. You don’t want the sash to slide open while a unit is being moved.
  • If you’re storing windows at a job site, never stack items on top of them or directly against the window units. This could cause breakage of the glass or harm the frames. It’s best to keep the windows wrapped in their original packaging until you’re ready to install them in a structure.
  • Before removing the protective packaging, visually inspect each unit to make sure the unit has not been damaged during shipping. Also look to make sure the unit is the correct size, style, color, etc. compared to the original order and that they appear in good working condition.
  • While handling a window installation project, do not lay window units flat against the ground. The weight of the units can harm the lawn in a short amount of time.
  • Before starting a replacement window project, make sure homeowners have secured all family pets and young children, so there are no surprises underfoot while you’re working with heavy window units.
  • If you have a cherry picker or other lift unit on site for a project, use it to help safely transport windows being installed on the second floor of homes (and higher). Also make certain to have people stationed inside the window opening to assist positioning it into place.
  • If you have to use a ladder to install a window, work in the buddy system. Always have someone hold the base of the ladder for you and secure it on a level surface. Avoid loose-fitting clothing (which could get stuck in the ladder) and wear close-toed shoes or sneakers. Additional ladder safety tips are available from Consumer Reports.
  • Looking to make newly-installed windows sparkle? Never use a high-pressure spray washer. The extreme pressure could crack or destroy caulking around the units. Instead, take time to individually clean the windows. If you have vinyl-framed windows, a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled soft bristle brush and some mild detergent may be all that’s necessary to maintain your windows. And, remember not to use abrasive cleaners that may scratch the frame or glass.
  • Leave all window labels on each unit until the entire project is completed. This helps reduce the chance of the glass being broken because someone didn’t see that the windows had been installed! And, at the very end of the project, save all labels and present them to the homeowners who may need them for energy tax credit and warranty back-up.

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