What effect will the government bailout have on the housing market?

John G. Swanson
September 24, 2008
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$700 billion. Or was it $700 trillion. It's way too big a number and too complicated an issue for me, but when I heard about plan to bail out Wall Street and theoretically save our economy, I couldn't help but wonder, "It would be nice if someone helped out struggling window and door companies that way."

Of course, I know most business owners in this industry wouldn't want or expect the government to get involved in their companies. But I'm sure a few of you have asked, "How come we never got that sort of help?" Well, maybe this bailout plan will eventually help, by bringing stability to the housing market sooner.

The government bailout will—
Have no real impact on us
Help turn things around for us sooner than later
Set us back further

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