Stage Set for Win-Door North America 2013

New windows and doors, components and fabrication equipment to debut in Toronto


AquaSurTech-OEM will feature TruStain for creating a wood look on vinyl and fiberglass doors. TruStain is a heat-reflective, two-step, water-based spray-on system that comes in 10 different wood colors. The system reduces the complete processing time to 30 minutes per door, delivering ultra-low-VOC content and high quality, according to the company. Win-Door attendees will also find more information about AquaSurTech’s upcoming next-generation semi-automatic inline lineal spray machine that makes the coating of lineal profiles extremely cost-effective, the company reports.
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Driven by increasingly stringent energy efficiency requirements, window manufacturers have begun using triple-pane and laminated glass in their sashes. This, combined with the move towards larger windows, has continued to push the envelope in terms of what standard duty hardware systems were designed to handle, according to Truth Hardware. In response, the Win-Door exhibitor introduced the new High Performance Hinge and Operator system capable of supporting a 42-inch by 92-inch casement with 140-pound sash, to be featured in Toronto.
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Therma -Tru

Therma-Tru will exhibit a variety of fiberglass doors at Win-Door, including products from the Classic-Craft, Fiber-Classic and SmoothStar collections. The company will showcase doors featuring both privacy glass and decorative glass options, including Maple, Blackstone, Homeward, Augustine and Wrought Iron models. The pre-finished white Smooth-Star fiberglass door comes in a variety of styles, and will be a featured product for the Canadian market.
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Attendees at Win-Door can visit Urban Machinery’s booth for a hands-on demonstration of the AKS 1150 single-point vinyl welding machine. Built and assembled in Canada for the North American market, the AKS 1150 uses a parallel welding process. The large standard adjustment allows for easier profile insertion. Operators can adjust all welding parameters individually, so the machine optimally adapts to production requirements. The proven SPC control allows for easy handling, Urban reports.
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Fenzi North America will display Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel warm-edge spacers. Manufactured by Roll Tech, a Fenzi-owned company, these spacers are available with corner keys and connectors for use on bending equipment. The Chromatech line of stainless steel spacers meets the need for better sightline temperatures, in excess of 17 percent when compared to traditional aluminum, the exhibitor reports. Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra spacers are available in a wide range of air space widths. The Chromatech Ultra has a polycarbonate bridge across the top, available in traditional white, grey or black.
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