Stage Set for Win-Door North America 2013

New windows and doors, components and fabrication equipment to debut in Toronto

Tru Tech

Tru Tech Doors will showcase the Belmont Craftsman beaded smooth fiberglass door and the Belmont three-panel Craftsman mahogany fiberglass door. The Belmont collection features a mahogany-textured finish, crafted with premium materials to replicate the authentic wood unique to mahogany, according to the exhibitor. Tru Tech will also feature four new decorative glass products: Berkley, Empire, Calandra and Kaleo. The Berkley antique patina glass design has clear and granite bevels, while the Calandra design features black chrome caming, mistlite, and clear and beveled glass. The Kaleo design is detailed with multi-beveled glass, kasumi and black chrome caming.
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Kleiberit Adhesives

Kleiberit Adhesives offers exterior adhesives that are capable of handling extreme heat and cold, and ever-changing expansion and contraction rates, according to the company. Kleiberit’s newest adhesive, 704.6, along with the low-VOC 840 primer series, offers strength, stability and long-term durability. At Win-Door, Kleiberit will have engineers available to discuss the benefits of its latest products.
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Aribell will display its new AB‐Q‐LW683 door weatherstripping that offers a thicker profile for a tighter seal and low-wick foam for better performance, the exhibitor reports. The new design increases contact with the door panel face, eliminating air and water infiltration when subjected to high air pressure. As moisture wicks into the foam, its travel and subsequent volume is limited once it contacts the closed cells, which is especially important in cold climates where the weatherstripping can freeze when saturated, Aribell reports. Also on display at Win-Door will be Aribell’s Postmaster Platinum weather-stripped mail slot for steel, fiberglass or wood doors. The mail slot features foam weatherstripping and marine-grade stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance.
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On display at Win-Door, Fenewood Ltd.’s vinyl-wrapped wood door jambs are maintenance free and guaranteed against delamination, according to the exhibitor. The vinyl is permanently fused to the wood substrate, keeping wood dry and preventing warping, wicking and rotting, the exhibitor reports. Due to its strength against harsh weather, the vinyl wrapping will not wave like cladding when exposed to temperature changes, Fenewood reports.
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Hedson Technologies

Hedson Technologies now offers the IRT Model 3-2 PcD infrared paint curing unit, on display in Toronto. The IRT dryer improves paint finishing production times dramatically, according to the exhibitor. Ensuring that painted products are 100 percent dry prior to handling helps maintain production and delivery schedules and ensures a high quality finished product, making the IRT a cost-effective, user-friendly, technology, Hedson reports.
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