Meet Your 2015 Dealers of the Year

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Introduction by Emily Kay Thompson; winner profiles by Stacey Freed
October 28, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Strategies & Practices


Hullco Exteriors, Chattanooga, Tenn.

What better way for customers to see how replacement windows might look in their own homes than by seeing them installed in a home? That was the thinking behind Hullco Exteriors’ purchase of a vacant stone house (circa 1939) 17 years ago.

Quick Stats

Matt Hullander, owner

2014 Sales volume
$8.5 million


The house, which the company renovated, showcases Hullco’s products— windows, doors, roofing and decking. “We took all of the openings in the house and installed various styles of replacement windows,” says owner Matt Hullander. “There are picture windows, casements, double hungs, a bay window on the back. Inside the conservatory [built as an addition], we have additional window and door displays. We have five different exteriors [installed], and even interior doors are used as samples.”

The “living room” entry to the showroom displays many functioning windows and doors for customers to view and provides an inviting space to discuss projects with customers.

The 7,500-square-foot house is located at the crossroads of I75 and East Brainerd. “About 60,000 cars go by each day,” Hullander says. When they arrive at the showroom, customers are greeted by a salesperson who shows them around. Homeowners can see the various finished looks, but Hullco also educates them with videos shown on large flat screen televisions as well as displays that feature various stages of installation.

Secrets to Success

  • Incorporate real-life displays wherever possible, in a range of products.
  • Interact with potential customers and educate them about different options.
  • Integrate technology into your showroom.

“Customers love it,” Hullander says. And because the company is located in a small town, Hullander is active in the community. He allows local organizations to use the showroom for events, and through the Hullco Heritage Foundation, the company hosts an annual three-day concert, dinner, auction and golf tournament.

Hullco showcases a variety of styles and designs for windows throughout its building. The second story windows are casements which have the exact same look as the double hung windows below. To the right, the bay window is above a slider, and to the right of the slider is a picture window. On the far bottom right, a window with prairie grids in white trim is showcased.