Meet Your 2015 Dealers of the Year

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Introduction by Emily Kay Thompson; winner profiles by Stacey Freed
October 28, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Strategies & Practices


Quality Window & Door Inc., Bethesda, Md.

Nick Neidig (left) and Dennis Dunn (right) in the Quality Windows & Doors showroom. (Image courtesy the Tracey Taylor)

“If you’re not getting more leads [from your website], what’s the point?” asks Cliff John of Blue Corona, an online marketing company that helps service-based clients earn more revenue from the web. That’s the question Quality Window & Door’s Nick Neidig was aiming to answer when he hired Blue Corona in 2010 to help revamp the company’s website. Working with his father Bob Neidig, who started the company 25 years ago, Nick says he was determined to showcase QWD’s quality projects by using more modern marketing techniques.

Quick Stats

Nick Neidig, general manager

2014 Sales volume
$8 million


As John says, “If you’re not spending money to get more new customers, you’re standing still.” With its current marketing strategy, QWD is on the move.

Conversion Strategy

The website has been the main driver of new business for QWD, converting visitors to leads through phone calls and web contact forms asking for a consultation or a quote. The site is easy to navigate, is rich in pictures, and there’s a fixed header on every page so QWD’s phone number doesn’t disappear as a visitor scrolls down. Neidig still spends some marketing dollars on old-fashioned direct mail, but that, too, drives people to the website with a URL variation that can be tracked.

The QWD website is rich with videos that convey educational elements as well as customer testimonials.

Blue Corona helped build a new website design and pivoted QWD’s marketing strategy to focus on customers higher up in the buying cycle rather than on sales-type pages. In building the new site, they took into consideration that visitors were likely only in the research phase. Still, such visitors were valuable to QWD and could be turned into clients. “We had to solidify the company’s brand and position in the market with an educational approach to window and door shopping,” John says.

The marketing firm began a build-out of helpful resources that include e-books on topics such as energy efficiency in windows, window warranties, brand features and window materials. It also features a buyer’s checklist that helps consumers learn what questions to ask and what to look for when seeking a contractor.

Secrets to Success

  • Convert website visitors to leads through phone calls and web contact forms.
  • Use video to demonstrate products and to bring a human element to your business.
  • Invest time and money into your marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to spend the resources.

Of course, the site also incorporates videos that, John says, “help humanize the brand.” QWD saw this as “a great area to shine," considering that, in John’s estimate, he saw only about 5 percent of remodeling companies use videos. Neidig says his 2016 goal is to do 12 to 16 company videos.

Monthly Measures

If you revamp your site but don’t know whether it’s working, then you can’t determine your ROI. Blue Corona uses Google Analytics with custom filters to make sure the traffic is efficient and is coming from the right place, i.e., a visitor from Canada isn’t necessarily going to be a client. John says they have a proprietary system for keyword traffic that tracks “about 5,000 keyword variations.” It also set up a phone call tracking system—QWD receives 300 to 500 calls a month—to track leads and learn whether callers are new or existing customers and whether they close.

Most of the QWD site is dedicated to educating customers but also incorporates calls to action and requests for visitor information on every page.

They know which leads are from which source and print an Excel report on it every month. “We can see all the leads and attribute revenue to them," explains John. "If, for example, we get 100 leads from an organic search and they lead to 40 jobs at $90,000 revenue, we can tell if it’s working.”

More specifically, in July 2011 (nine months after hiring Blue Corona), QWD had 742 organic website visits, 34 organic leads and a 4.5 percent organic conversion rate. By July 2015, there were 2,953 organic web visits, 1,117 service area organic web visits, 93 organic leads and an 8.3 percent local organic conversion rate.