Dealer of the Year Awards 2016: Honoring Excellence

Meet Your 2016 Dealers of the Year
The Freelite team earns 50 percent of its sales through repeat and referral business.

Creative Marketing



Since 1977, Chip Marvin has created an enormous following based on his business philosophy of building an organization that would provide a livelihood for his team and for others while materially impacting his customers in a beneficial way.

“Freelite truly thrives on helping people," says Marvin. His marketing approach is to give homeowners his expertise and a wide range of products in a low-key, no-pressure manner. Freelite then takes complete ownership of the project from initial design through installation and the finishing touches.

Freelite's success is mainly due to positive word-of-mouth marketing from previous customers as they continue to spread positive experiences. In fact, the company reports that repeat and referral business constitutes over 50 percent of its sales.


The catalyst of Freelite's marketing success is its newsletter. Marvin writes all of the text and has an in-house graphic designer lay it out. The engaging, lighthearted, informative and promo driven newsletters have helped him keep in touch with his local customers both past and present.

Freelite's newsletter is eagerly awaited by all former clients, we’re told, and creates over half of its new business. In each issue, clients and leads learn about local matters, health topics, product innovations, energy conservation resources, and even product discounts. Adjacent to a sales promo, readers find inspirational quotes. Marvin also publishes puzzles and trivia questions, the latter of which helps him to gauge who's reading.

“I always know when the newsletter has gone out because I start getting responses to the trivia questions,” he says. Marvin offers a gift card prize for the first correct answer to whatever trivia he includes in the issue.

Although he says it’s hard to specifically quantify a return for all of the work that goes into the newsletter, he finds that, over time, it has been really valuable. He uses Marketsharp to help track what is quantifiable, but mostly, the purpose of all the time and effort that the company puts into its newsletter is simply “to keep presence,” says Marvin. “We want to keep in their minds for future projects by hitting them every other month with the newsletter.”

Freelite treats each customer as if they are family and the responses, referrals and readership continues to allow Freelite to support their mission of helping people in their local community, the company reports. “As Freelite's customers will tell you,” says Brian Lajoie, Freelite’s Milgard rep, “it's a pleasure doing business with a skilled and knowledgeable team who truly cares about finding the right product for each customer.”