Dealer of the Year Awards 2016: Honoring Excellence

Meet Your 2016 Dealers of the Year
The entire US Window & Door staff is dedicated to service even decades after the initial install.

Excellence in Customer Service

US Window & Door


For the past 30 years, Martin Whitmore, owner of US Window & Door has been earning a reputation throughout San Diego and South Orange County. Reading reviews of the company online, his name is often cited in addition to his sales and installation staff. Unlike many online reviews, the company’s are nearly all positive and the reputation is one not even the trolls can bring down.

Everyone seems to know Whitmore because he likes to visit all the jobsites before and after a job is done. For example, one reviewer, Joe C., writes: “During the installation, Martin made sure that the installers were doing the job correctly and after the job was completed, Martin did a walk through to make sure I was satisfied with everything.”

This is just one of the more than 300 five-star reviews online from happy customers. The company is also the highest rated Milgard Dealer in the nation, as they have recently jumped over 200 five-star reviews on the Milgard site—nearly two times the amount of reviews compared to the next most reviewed dealer.

Despite all of the great reviews, Whitmore’s team knows they aren’t home free. “This company stands behind its reputation and doesn't rest on previous reviews or work,” says Mark Lange, the company’s Milgard sales rep.

The entire company is cultivated on a culture of service. “Everyone at the company wants to ensure the customer has the right product for the right reason,” Lange continues. “They don't try to oversell a product or service that the client doesn't need and have often advised customers on a more affordable and efficient option when presented with the opportunity.”

Every aspect of the business is devoted to ensuring that customers have the best product advice, constant communication, and smooth and clean installations. Whitmore tells us he invested in Salesforce, a highly rated customer relationship platform that helps the company streamline its communication and workflow, and to help track all the important details that can make or break a deal.

It's helped unify his staff, he tells us. Recently, he said that one of his newer employees made the observation that “everybody is helping each other and everybody wants to get together” on the job at hand.

One of the finished projects that helps US Window & Door earn its stellar reputation.


One of the more unique aspects of US Window and Door’s service is that it doesn’t stop after the sale. The company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by helping customers even decades after the initial install through its lifetime warranty. Here’s one of Whitmore’s stories that illustrates the kind of service the company is known for:

“We had a customer call us who got ripped off from a contractor. The contractor bought windows from us, supposedly for one house, but didn’t deliver the windows. I met with [the homeowners] and told them that, even though we couldn’t know what their contractor was doing with the windows he ordered from us, I would give them the windows at my cost. I said ‘here is my cost, here is my normal labor and I’m going to discount that.’ Well, now I’m back at this same customer’s place doing the second half of their house, obviously at normal pricing.”

US Window & Door strives for customer support and satisfaction because the staff knows that building trust with the client for a long-term relationship is much more important than any single-job profit they can make. US Window & Door focuses its efforts on maintaining a positive reputation for the company and the industry as a whole.