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Jenni Chase
March 11, 2014
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Like many Americans this year, I am about to take on a home renovation project. And I am both excited and terrified at the prospect. 
To ease myself into the remodeling process, I recently attended a local home & garden show, where I was greeted by seemingly thousands of companies: from window dealers to full-scale remodelers to specialty businesses. First on my list: three new skylights to replace my acrylic bubble models.
I decided to focus my efforts on companies that specialized in skylights, and I found two seemingly great potentials on the show floor. However, my follow-up experience with each company was very different, and a clear-cut winner emerged quite quickly.
What did the winning company do to secure my business? In addition to the extremely friendly staff manning its booth and the detailed product literature it provided, the dealer made me feel like my project was a priority: this, despite the fact that the company probably saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people at the home & garden show. 
I attended the show on a Sunday, and by Monday afternoon I had already received a follow-up email with additional product information, and a follow-up phone call asking when they could schedule an in-home visit. A courteous field professional came by the house the following day, and I had a quote the next. The speed in which this company responded to my request for information and service closed the deal for me, even before I looked at the price.
How does your company operate when it comes to following up on leads? Do you have a standardized system in place that ensures potential customers receive a call or email within a certain amount of time? And if so, what is it? And how important is this process to your company’s success? Please share your thoughts by taking this week’s poll and posting a comment. 

Survey Results for 03/12/2014 :

Does Your Company Have a Standardized System in Place to Follow Up on Leads?

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Write us about your overall experience before, during and after the project is completed. In fairness to your contractor let them know in advance or warn them after if they do not handle it well.

Your reaction is normal by the way. If this is your first home improvement project all the bad stories arrive before hand.

Yet contractors, dealers, etc. completed 100's of 1000's of jobs trouble free.

Hope yours is favorable.

Quality attributes in making your decision, but conspicuously absent was installation credentials. Wait until the the skylight leaks (they all seem to) because it is the toughest thing to get right (on a roof).

More important than timing, courtesy, and even price.

It won't work right unless it's installed right™.


 Excellent point, John. Thank you!