Going Digital

By Audrey Bailey, Franklin Window and Door
July 12, 2016
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In order to stay relevant, it seems companies have to be willing to go digital, especially given the younger generations roaming around with Apple products in hand, expecting accessible information at the swipe of a finger. But, the window and door industry seems to be lagging behind in some areas.

For one, there are still many steps within the selling process that rely heavily on handwritten quotes and outdated entry systems. The next step is to transform the window and door buying system into a practice that’s easy, user friendly and, most notably, digital.

At Franklin Window and Door, that’s the goal. Most days, the team makes a collective effort to move in a direction that aligns with both innovation and digitalization. For one, we implemented a computer visualization feature to help clients see what a door selection would look like on a current or new construction home. More recently, the team implemented iPad applications to help quote walk-ins and process direct payments.

So, whether it’s in the showroom or online, Franklin Window and Door continues to improve its online and digital presence. This is critical for a majority of small businesses, especially since targeting the consumer is the most imperative step in improving marketing and sales. Companies need to draw in clientele immediately or risk losing them to a more accessible competitor.

Making certain resources available online is one way to foster initial intrigue and get the learning process underway. From there, customers will decide whether or not to visit the showroom and learn from a team of qualified window and door experts.

To be sure, having qualified experts, ready to assist customers in person is a practice that will never become obsolete. But, for the beginning stages of the window and door selling process, digital resources can be something that truly differentiates a company, particularly a smaller supplier.

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 Indiana native Audrey Bailey is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago. She currently works as a customer service representative for Franklin Window and Door, franklinwindowanddoor.com, and additionally manages the company’s online presence.