Has a New Day Dawned for U.S. Manufacturing?

Christina Lewellen
August 28, 2013
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This week, a documentary about American manufacturing premieres nationwide. Directors Vincent Vittorio and Nathan McGill of  “American Made Movie” highlight what they believe to be the underpinnings of long-term growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector, noting very clearly that domestic manufacturing “isn’t dead yet.”

In a Marketwatch.com column penned by the directors, they write: “Technology, global competitiveness and outsourcing put manufacturing on life support in America, but after touring small towns and cities across the country and talking to business leaders who still manufacture their products domestically, we are confident that manufacturing is not dying in America but on the cusp of resurgence.”

The directors say this resurgence is dependent on several factors, including the availability of trained employees to work in contemporary, technology-driven manufacturing environments, and the willingness of U.S. consumers to opt for domestically produced products.

Do you agree that U.S. manufacturing is about to enter a new golden age? Why or why not? Please send an email or post a comment to share your thoughts.


The key to a healthy U.S. manufacturing sector is:

Consumers' willingness to "buy American"





A ready supply of trained employees





Tax incentives





The creation of a U.S. Department of Manufacturing







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