Monthly Poll: Manufacturer/Dealer Partnerships

February 6, 2018
THE TALK... | Operations

The relationship between manufacturers and dealers is vitally important to both segments of our supply chain. A strong, healthy partnership can translate into a stronger business for both parties, leading to increased sales and an improved bottom line. Creating and maintaining that business partnership requires commitment from both sides. We want to hear insights on the topic from manufacturers and dealers. 

In addition to our poll results (see below), we heard from one manufacturer on the importance of being a resource to its dealers: "For PGT Innovations and our family of brands, the most important aspect of our relationship with our dealer partners is understanding their unstated needs and identifying what our team can do to resolve the root of the concern,” says Jeff Jackson, CEO and president.

“For example,” he continues, “many of our dealers are struggling to get jobs completed due to the labor shortage in our industry. While we can’t control the number of qualified installers available to complete jobs, we did identify an opportunity to simplify the install of some of our own products. This reduced the completion time per job and allows our dealers to maximize the productivity of their installer resources.”

Jackson says this is one example of how the company helps deliver solutions that drive their dealers’ success, and that team members regularly speak with customers to understand their business. “Connecting with our customers enables us to evolve our services and products to best serve them—creating a stronger impact together,” he says.

Have a comment or insight to share on the subject? Post it below or send an email with any thoughts on the subject. We may use your input in an upcoming article. 

Survey Results: What do you find to be the most important aspect of the manufacturer/dealer relationship?

Product training and support
Marketing and lead generation tools
Loyalty incentives/geographic or brand exclusivity
Other (post in comments)