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Emily Kay Thompson
June 9, 2015
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Every year, Window & Door magazine recognizes significant industry innovations and achievements. The Crystal Achievement Awards, presented during Window & Door Dealer Days at GlassBuild America, honor excellence in window and door technology, as well as in the components and machinery used to build those products. Also acknowledging the manufacturing and marketing behind the merchandise, a Crystal Achievement is a celebration and acknowledgement of the advances in the industry as a whole.

Why do such awards of excellence matter? There is an obvious promotional benefit for those recognized, which extends to manufacturers using awarded components or to the dealers selling the “Most Innovative” products. But there’s also value for manufacturers and suppliers that aren’t recognized, too. That is, the awards mark the evolution of where fenestration technology is and where it is headed. They provide foresight into manufacturing trends and insight on consumer demand.

Considering that weight, it’s a huge responsibility to draw conclusions and pick just one window, door, component, website and machine. It takes a collaborative effort of tenured industry professionals and those using and selling the products. This is where you come in. We need your insight.

Please take time to nominate the products, components, equipment, and websites that make your work life as a fenestration professional easier and/or better.

For manufacturers, we are seeking candidates for the most innovative window, most innovative door and best website. And, suppliers will be recognized in one of four categories: most innovative window component, door component and machine, and for best industry website. We are accepting nominations through June 25. Read more about the awards here.

Do you know of a product, machine or website that deserves a Crystal Achievement Award? Fill out the nomination form, take the poll, leave a comment and/or email me your thoughts and questions.

Survey Results for 06/10/2015 :

Do you know of a product, machine or website that deserves a Crystal Achievement Award?










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