GlassBuild America 2013 Snapshots

A quick look at some of the new products introduced in Atlanta
September 10, 2013
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In addition to snapshots from the show floor at GlassBuild, don't miss our overview report from the event, videos from the show floor and continuing coverage of new products introduced in Atlanta.  

New Doors


Deceuninck North America unveiled an industry-first prototype sliding door with a PVC frame and a polyurethane sash.


The new folding and sliding door from L.B. Plastics has fewer parts—making it easier to fabricate—and a compression seal throughout for improved water and air tightness.


Veka's new vinyl three-track sliding door is aimed at consumers that want style and energy savings.


The retract-and-slide patio door from Hoppe North America permits all-around weather-sealing and secure ventilation without the top of the door tilting inward.


 Fiberglass Products


Diversified Lineal Systems' new fiberglass sliding patio door has no exposed weatherstripping.


The Pop and Slide fiberglass patio door system from Inline Fiberglass is said to offer a low air infiltration rate, as well as enhanced thermal and structural performance.


Omniglass SCT was promoting its fiberglass window and door systems―ready for fabrication―that include builds for: single- and double-hung windows, single- and double-slider windows, picture windows, casement/awning windows and patio doors of various orientations.


New Equipment

 The RC-100 RoboClean robotic corner cleaner, a new beta machine, expected to go in production next year, was introduced by GED Integrated Solutions.

The SMH510 multi-head welding machine from Rotox can simultaneously weld four frame profiles at an angle of 90° with parallel feeds controlled by servo-drives said to improve quality and shorten cycle times.


Urban Machinery's saws have been selling well recently as smaller manufacturers look into automation and companies replace old machines, the company reports. The company's latest saw, the UCS 4590 fabrication saw, is capable of processing 21-foot lineals with quick-change tabletop tooling.


Zipper by Pro-Line Automation, developed for inserting polyamide struts into aluminum profiles, replaces three machines by combining three processes into one machine.


Graco’s ExactaBlend AGP advanced glazing proportioner for insulating glass sealant is said to offer better repeatability, faster set-up and material savings than machines that use linkages and rocker arms to set the ratio.


Bystronic Glass had the Hegla Rapidline float glass cutting line on display that the exhibitor reported decreases maintenance and increases performance speed by 30 percent compared to a typical rack-and-pinion cutter.


Door and Window Hardware


Lift-and-slide doors get new hardware—rollers, locking mechanisms, locking points, and ball bearings—from Savio.


Truth Hardware's High Performance Hardware package for casement windows features a hinge and operator capable of handling up to a 140-pound sash. The package was developed to meet  demand for hardware capable of handling bigger, heavier products such as triple-glaze IG units and coastal windows.



Other Products

 Guardian launched two new ClimaGuard residential glass products in Atlanta: ClimaGuard 53/23, designed to provide solar protection while maintaining light transmission and crisp viewability in the Southern climate zone; and ClimaGuard 72/57, a product for Northern climates that will allow many window systems to meet the new Energy Star v6 criteria without major redesign, according to the supplier.
 Aiming to broaden its markets, software maker Friedman Corp. has introduced its new A+W Business Production ERP software aimed at small and medium window fabricators, and a Spanish version of its Winsys ERP application.
 Newly introduced grilles from Creative Millwork of Ohio use the company’s VCut Grille technology to create sharp corners—rather than round ones—to mimic the traditional look of carpentry joints done by craftsmen.