Sales Expectations High for Dealers, Manufacturers

February 24, 2015
| Products

Dealers and manufacturers predict this year will see an uptick in purchases in general, with homeowners investing more in upscale or higher-end items.

According to a recent Window & Door study, most industry professionals anticipate an increase in sales for all products—budget and luxury (see Figures 4A and 4B)—but foresee a bigger increase on the high-end scale. It should be noted that none of our manufacturer participants anticipate a significant decline in sales in either category, and very few expect even a slight decline.

Both dealers and manufacturers confirm the findings in regard to goods on the higher-end. Jennifer Lawler indicates that Fenessco has been selling more high-end products to homeowners in California. She says, “Our customers ask for quality and long-term durability for a better investment.”

On the manufacturing end, Bob Maynes, Mathews Brothers Co., sees similar trends on the higher-end scale. He believes it is “primarily because they have the aesthetics architects and consumers are looking for with the performance they demand at a price point that is still significantly lower than some of the national brands. People are keeping a closer eye on the budget,” he says, “and value engineering is now bringing more people to [our] higher-end brands.”

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