Will Tilt-and-Turn Windows Gain Market Share in North America?

John G. Swanson
March 23, 2010
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Coming to you from Germany this week, I’m walking the aisles of Fensterbau looking for new technologies that could make their way to North America. Of course one thing I’m seeing a lot of is tilt-and-turn windows. The standard in Germany and popular in many other countries around the world, tilt-and-turns remain a niche product in North America.

When I first started covering this industry in the 1980s, companies were attempting to bring such windows to our side of the Atlantic. There’s no doubt tilt-and-turns have attracted some fans, but 20 plus years later they still don’t enjoy that strong a market share here.

Stronger energy codes, impact requirements and changing home and building designs could still boost demand for tilt-and-turns. What do you think? Do you see sales of these products growing? That’s our question of the week, and of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts too. Email me and let me know what you think. And if you happen to be at Fensterbau, I hope I see you. But if I don’t, I'd still like to hear from you about what you saw at the show.

Will tilt-and-turn windows gain market share in North America?
Yes, there is strong growth potential.
Yes, there is some growth potential.
No, they will remain a niche product.
No, they are likely to lose share.

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I am a client of Konnen Glashaus. It seems they are out of business now. I'm in Colorado. Do you have any suggestions for a German window company who might service my windows?

I appreciate any info you might have.

Thank You,

Jim Sullivan