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John G. Swanson
October 4, 2011
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An electronic newsletter came to me yesterday from Abe Gaskins at MGM Industries.  He is an active blogger and the Tennessee vinyl window maker's website is filled with his wisdom on a variety of topics. This week he talks about search engine optimization and blogging and how it can translate into leads.  He says it's working for MGM and its dealer customers and he encourages his company's dealers to start doing it too.

I know many dealers and manufacturers are definitely out there on the internet doing the same thing.  I also know many are not.  Sure, most have a website, but blogging, tweeting, Facebook, etc., are not high on the priority list.  Are you like Abe?  Active and seeing the results?  Or are you focused on other things?  Is lack of internet activity hurting you?  With this week's poll, I thought I would see what's happening out there in the industry.

Of course, Id' like to hear from you too.  Post a comment and tell us what you're doing online.  What's working? What isn't?  There's some great stuff out there by the way, like the latest video from Mathews Brothers. Sometimes it's educational, sometimes it's humorous, and we'd like to share more, so send us the links too. 


Survey Results as 10/10/2011 :


When it comes to the internet and social media--

My company is active, but hasn't seen a lot of results.




My company's activity is limited, but it doesn't seem to have an impact.




My company is active and benefiting as a result.




My company's activity is limited, and it is hurting us.




It doesn't look like WDweekly readers are true believers yet as far as social media is concerned.  Close to 60 percent of all respondents to this week's poll said their companies were active in such areas as Facebook and Twitter, but a only a quarter of that group say they are seeing results. 

On the other side, about 40 percent of our readers' companies aren't very involved in social media, it appears.  And among that group, only about quarter think it might be hurting them.

Personally, I would describe myself as somewhat active in the social media arena, but still skeptical as well. Not that I don't I think social media is here to stay. I just am not sure about its role in our industry yet.

It may be stating the obvious, but I would also note that it also depends on whether it's done well or not. Tweeting for the sake of tweeting won't get you very far. Companies in our industry use these tools in many ways. Some companies offer blogs on various topics of interest, others use them as a way to deliver company news in a more personal way, and still others offer straight commercial pitches. I'm not sure I know what might be effective and what isn't.  I think I'll have to find the 15 percent who are seeing results and ask them some more questions.  I also think we all still have a lot to learn on this front.



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