Contact Forms as Lead-Generation Tools

By Welton Hong, guest blogger, Ring Ring Marketing
July 8, 2014
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Every business website should include a form visitors can use to provide contact information. For an ecommerce site, converting visitors into qualified leads is of paramount importance, and using a well-designed contact form is a primary aspect of that process. However, this strategy isn't limited to ecommerce sites at all; it's great for window and door businesses as well. The key is not to think of a contact form as purely an information tool. For your business, it's a lead generation tool.

The effectiveness of your lead generation can depend heavily on how this form is designed. According to recent surveys, most marketers consider the lead-capture form to have a very significant impact on website performance.

You have a very short window of time to capture anyone's attention when that person visits your page — it's estimated to be a mere six seconds. Consider this when designing your form. If it seems too arduous or time-consuming to fill out, most visitors won't even bother.

Studies have indicated that the optimal number of fields to include in your form is seven. Whether that's best for you depends on your site and your needs, but it's a pretty good number. Include more, and you'll likely see a significant drop-off in conversions. Include less, and you're in danger of missing out on valuable information you might need.

Whatever you do, don't get into the double digits: That's as good as telling visitors you don't consider their time valuable. They're providing you information, not taking the SAT.

Keep in mind that there's a big difference between what information you'd like to have and what you need to have. For window and door companies, the best contact form keeps it pretty simple. It should have fields for: name, email, phone, comments.

Label the comment box in a way that asks the visitor what products or services he or she is interested in. You could add another field or two if you like, but when in doubt, always err on the side of brevity. A contact form is no good if no one fills it out!

How many fields does your contact form contain?






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Welton Hong is the founder and Internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, an Internet marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. Contact him at or 888/383-2848.

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