Did Your Company do a Post-Thanksgiving Offer?

Nicole Harris
November 27, 2012
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Forming a new post-Thanksgiving shopping tradition, U.S. consumers spent a record $59 billion during the four-day sale period that started on Thursday this year. According to news reports, the average shopper spent $427 through Sunday, up from $398 in 2011.

So was any of that money spent on windows or doors? Hansons, the Michigan and Ohio window and door dealer, tweeted this on Cyber Monday:

We want to know if other window and door dealers and manufacturers offered any incentives for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday. If you did, how did you fare? And do you think the Post-Thanksgiving sale period is a good indicator of an improved economy? Email me or post a comment.


Did your company do a post-Thanksgiving offer?

No, we did not do an offer





Yes, we did all of the below





We did a Cyber Monday Special





We did a Small Business Saturday special





We did a Black Friday special







The author is publisher of Window & Door and Glass Magazine and vice president of publications for the National Glass Association. Write her at nharris@glass.org.


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