Do You Tweet?

John G. Swanson
January 24, 2010
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I don't and my company doesn't either.




I don't but my company does.




I do but my company doesn't.




I do and my company does too.




Anyone who takes the time to add up our results we'll see we had some technical difficulties last week with our poll.  Responses overlapped with those from the previous week's poll a bit, so the results are a little distorted, but they do suggest tweeters are in the minority in the window and door business.  I received few responses from tweeters sharing their experiences, so that reinforces that conclusion.

I did hear from Heather West, a PR consultant who works with AAMA and some other industry companies, however.  She says communication through Twitter has been useful to her on a number of fronts and pointed me to a few Web sites that were tracking tweets related to the International Builders' Show.  To give you some idea of who is using Twitter in the building products community, here's the link to one site she suggested listing those tweeting from that event. It includes a mix of consultants, editors, building product manufacturers NAHB itself, and even a Marvin Windows dealer.

In scanning through the list, and following assorted other links, I admit to feeling a bit behind the times. Not that I see myself tweeting the industry on an hourly or even daily basis, but I plan to look into Twitter more and see how it might be useful to readers, perhaps after I get my iPad.

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