Is Facebook Working for You?

John G. Swanson
June 5, 2012
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I wish I could say Window & Door is always on the cutting edge of technology and business trends, but I have to admit we fall behind every now and then. We were the first publication in the industry with a website featuring the latest news and, more recently, we were the first to offer our publication as an app, but we claim no firsts when it comes to Facebook.  In fact, we just decided to create a page last week.

We welcome you to check it out.  We hope you'll even "like" us.  More importantly, we hope you'll like it and use it as a new way to share your company news, interesting links and other noteworthy information with the industry.  

And since we're talking about Facebook, we thought we would revisit a poll we did about a year ago to see whether its influence in the industry has changed. Of course we'd like to hear from you too.  How is your company using Facebook?  Are you using to connect with trade and business customers or homeowners? What have been the benefits?  Or, did you give it a go and decide it wasn't worth the effort?  Post a comment and let us know about your experiences.

Survey Results as of 06/08/2012:


For my company, Facebook is:

Still an afterthought; not seen as particularly critical.




An emerging component in our marketing efforts.




Something we're just thinking about now.




Already an important part of our marketing and communications efforts.




Our survey results suggest Facebook usage within the industry is growing, but not exactly at a breakneck pace. This year, 12 percent of our respondents said it was an important part of marketing and communications efforts at their companies. That's up from 10 percent in a similar poll we did last year.  Nineteen percent report Facebook is an emerging component in their company's marketing efforts.  That's up from 13 percent last year.

There are plenty of doubters out there, however.  The number of people indicating Facebook is not particularly critical increased slighlty too.  I suspect there are quite a few of you out there who would agree with Rod Van Buskirk, owner of Bacon & Van Buskirk Glass Co., who wrote in a blog for our sister publication, Glass Magazine, recently: "I still can’t get how Facebook and Twitter will help me sell glass and windows."  He asks those effectively using social media in their marketing to share their stories.  

We're appreciative of Greg Gadbout's comments on how Rangate and the Alpine Technical Workshops are benefiting from social media.  No doubt there are other success stories out there.  Like Rod, we'd like to hear from you too.

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