Have You Recently Revamped or Launched a New Website?

Nicole Harris
December 11, 2012
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Forget social media; it’s still about information, and more than ever, information accessible on your website.

I’m looking at a series of bar charts comparing eight communication sources across 2005-2011: e-mail, internet, print magazines, online magazines, manufacturer and retailer websites, newsletters and fax.

Among surveyed remodelers and builders who were asked, “what is the best way for manufacturers and suppliers to communicate with you?” the high bar across all four years is email, closely followed by internet and then print magazines. But manufacturer websites--for remodelers and builders alike--are growing fast as a preferred way to communicate. And we all know that consumers are increasingly sourcing and comparing online before they make a purchase, too.

So does your company have a great, highly functional web site or plans to build/rebuild one? If so, we’d love to hear from you. What are the key features needed today? Mobile capabilities? Something else? Post a comment or email me and let me know what your company is doing.


Have you recently revamped or launched a new website?

No, and we have no plans to as of now





Yes, within the past year





No, but we plan to within the next year






The author is publisher of Window & Door and Glass Magazine and vice president of publications for the National Glass Association. Write her at nharris@glass.org.


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