Have You Tried Small Business Saturday?

John G. Swanson
November 12, 2013
THE TALK... | Sales & Marketing

More major retailers are deciding they can’t wait for Black Friday and will open their doors on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, as we head toward the holidays this year, I’ve been seeing more commercials and references to Small Business Saturday.


Supported by American Express, Small Business Saturday is designed to celebrate local businesses and encourage consumers to “shop small.” And as it has gained momentum, I’ve wondered if Small Business Saturday is an initiative that window and door and home improvement dealers could find beneficial. It seems like it could be a particularly good opportunity in towns or neighborhoods where a number of local businesses are working together to lure customers away from the big retailers and the malls.

I thought I’d use this week’s poll to see if any dealers out there had joined the “shop small” movement, or thought about it. And, of course, if you’ve had experience in hosting a Small Business Saturday event, we’d like to hear from you. What did your company do? Was the effort successful? Would you recommend it to other dealers? Post a comment or email me and share your story.

Survey Results as of 11/19/2013 :

Has your company participated in Small Business Saturday?

No, and it's doubtful we would ever try.





No, but we've talked about it.





Yes, and it was successful.





Yes, but it didn't really produce any results.





The vast majority of our respondents haven't participated in Small Business Saturday, and don't expect to try.  I'm not too surprised.  For one thing, most of us probably think of Small Business Saturday as a day for Christmas shopping.  And as much as we might like the idea of a wife giving her husband new windows for Christmas, or the kids chipping in to get Grandma a new front door for her house, it's just not that common.

Still, I see Small Business Saturday as an opportunity for some dealers.  If you're in the right neighboorhood, wih a variety of stores and restaurants already planning to participate, you might have extra consumer traffic that day.  It could be worthwhile to offer free donuts and cider in your showroom and the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and ask questions about new doors and windows.