How Would You Like to Read WDweekly?

John G. Swanson
July 12, 2011
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You probably noticed that today's WDweekly looks a little different. And if you look closely at the top, you'll see there's a link to view a new mobile version of WDweekly. We know many of you were already looking at WDweekly on your smartphones and we suspect many more will going forward, so we're pleased to introduce this new option today.

And we will continue to involve. But we'd like your help.  We haven't done it often, but we thought we'd use this week's poll to ask how you'd like to read WDweekly and news from And we'd love to hear from you too. Tell us what you think of our current electronic offerings and how they could be improved.  We'd also like to know, how are you reading newspapers and magazines?  What about business publications?  Do you need an app for that now?  Email me or post a comment below. 


Survey Results as of 07/13/2011 :


My preference for reading WDweekly would be:

On my laptop or desktop computer.





On an iPad or tablet.





On my smart phone.





Laptops and desktops are still the way to go for most WDweekly readers, but the progress made by iPads and tablets in a little more than one year–they were launched in April 2010–is remarkable.  And I suspect it will grow.  

Personally, I haven't met an iPad owner who doesn't share the enthusiasm expressed by Patrick and Tom in their comments.  Thanks for the feedback everyone, and thanks for the kind words Bob.  And rest assured, the print edition of Window & Door isn't going to disappear for a long time. 

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Thanks for asking! Definitely iPad! I find that I only have time to peruse the news at times like lunch (like now) and I use my iPad to enable this. Definitely the best $500 I've ever spent. The 16 GB is plenty big for storing everything I need and reading media through Flipboard is better than paper or a web browser.

Keep up the good work!

Tablet and Mobile Apps are the way to go! I have been working in this area and can help interested parties in developing and creating their apps. There are many interesting options to explore that can really help both external and internal communications. Tom Seymour/ProSolve Consulting (

For me, it doesn't matter if you send it by smoke signal, as long as you continue to send it. I've been a big fan of yours, John, since you were at Fenestration (ah, remember the good old days?) and continue to be a fan today.

I look forward to reading the weekly update as well as the monthy magazine. While I guess I do miss the printed version, the digital is fine by me. As for using my Blackberry... I know I'll be too tempted to read it (or post comments) while driving and will probably hit a moose, so for me, I'll stick with my good old laptop.

Keep up the good work, John and Christina.

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