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By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing
August 2, 2016
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Your website’s page load speed is critically important to the effectiveness of your business website in two major ways: it contributes directly to visitors’ experiences and affects search engine optimization. Many visitors won't wait around for even an extra couple of seconds for a page to finish loading. Page speed matters to Google because it matters to visitors. Plus, how well your window and door website works goes a long way toward establishing authority with leads, and page speed is an important aspect of that.

Many different elements can affect how quickly your site's page load. The top four are:

  1. Your website host: A budget-based host might save money, but cheaper hosts also tend to run slower. If your site isn't running quickly enough, you might need to change hosts or pay for a faster package.
  2. Uncompressed images: High-definition images that haven't been compressed slow page speed, particularly if you have lots of them (such as in a product image gallery).
  3. Plugins: Running a number of plugins on your site can diminish page speed, especially if any use Flash.
  4. Ad abundance: Having many ads on the site can weigh down its performance. Beside bothering your visitors, having too many ads will also lower your page speed.

What to do?
The first step to resolve the issue is to determine how good (or bad) your site's page speed is currently. Google's PageSpeed Insights tool is comprehensive and free, so start there. Other complimentary tools include the Pingdom Website Speed Test and WebPagetest.

If you find your page load speed could be improved, speak with your webmaster and a digital marketing expert to determine what changes will give you the best bang for your SEO buck. Even small alterations can go a long way toward speeding up your site and keeping visitors—and Google—happy.

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 Welton Hong is the founder and Internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, a marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. His book, Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Windows & Doors Companies, is available through Contact him at or 888/383-2848 and hear his Express Learning Session at GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo.

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A nice article Welton. What kind of increase is possible in the SERp rankings going from a really slow speed site to a top notch speed site. Also is the impact as high for mobile search and desktop search?

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