Three Proven Strategies to Convert Website Visitors into Phone Calls

By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing
August 18, 2015
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Getting plenty of visitors to your site, but not many conversions? Here are three simple steps that will turn your website into a conversion machine.

#1: Include Prominent Calls to Action
A good website presents solutions for visitors and provides a way to take action on those solutions. This is called a “call to action.”

Display a prominent CTA at the top right hand corner of each page. Each should be actionable—that is, give visitors something to do. A popular example is “Call Today For Free In-Home Consultation at 1-888-777-5555.”

#2: Have a Unique Selling Proposition
What makes you different than the competition? In an online world full of window and door providers, why should potential customers choose your company? The answer to that question is your “Unique Selling Proposition” or USP.

You want to condense what is different about your company and present it in such a way that every visitor immediately understands why you are better than your competition. For example, “Over 50,000 Quality Installations,” “Over 25 Years,” “Lifetime Warranty On Labor,” or some other quick explanation on how your company is unique.

#3: Answer and Raise Questions
Too many window and door companies use all of their valuable website space describing only offerings and features. A good site also answers and raises questions for its visitors. Google search works by answering questions.

Do you have a page on your site that, for instance, details all of the reasons why a homeowner might want to replace a door or window? Or a page explaining the warning signs that should lead someone to replace a door or window? Many searches start with questions such as how can I or when should I.

Try something such as, “Five Warning Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Windows.” If you do a good job of answering or raising questions for your potential customers, it can benefit you in search rankings and lead your visitors to replace their windows and doors.

At the end of the day, it is not about number of clicks to your website, it is number of leads that are generated. Implementing these three simple suggestions can increase your window and door leads without spending any more money on advertising.

How well does your website convert visits into leads? Is your site optimized for more than simple homeowner research on pricing and/or styles? Read the results of this week’s poll, post a comment and/or email your comments.

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Survey Results for 08/19/2015 :

Does your website traffic translate to actual leads?

We do not track our website traffic and don’t know how many visitors become customers.





We make an appointment with 10 to 20 percent of website visitors.





We make an appointment with around 5 percent of our website visitors.





We make an appointment with more than 50 percent of our website visitors.





We make an appointment with between 20 and 50 percent of our website visitors.





Welton Hong is the founder and Internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, a marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. His book, Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Windows & Doors Companies, is available through Contact him at or 888/383-2848 and hear his Express Learning Session at GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo.

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