Tracking Keyword Ranks

Does it Still Matter?
by Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing
May 30, 2017
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There’s been a lot of talk in the online marketing community about whether keyword rankings are as important as they used to be. Specifically, the question is whether we should bother with tracking and reporting these rankings.

The argument against doing so is that there are now many variables that keep us from determining “one true ranking.” A keyword’s rank could vary broadly depending on the type of device being used to search (device type), whether it’s being searched in a particular area (localization), or whether it’s skewed depending on the specific person searching the term (personalization).

The bottom line is that Google and other search engines now make it trickier to know how much true power any given keyword has overall. This is especially true because Google has been encrypting its keyword data for a few years now, trying to keep sites from artificially inflating their SEO.

So where does that leave us? 

As an online marketing professional, I absolutely believe there’s still plenty of value in carefully tracking keyword ranking. Although Google has restricted some of the data marketing experts can use to determine the power of specific keywords, there’s still plenty out there to work with.

It’s like being a detective—instead of getting a confession, you’re putting together various leads and pieces of evidence to ultimately close the case. There are all sorts of tracking and reporting tools to figure out exactly what keywords work best for the given company.

Granted, it’s less straightforward than it used to be, but that’s where experience and knowledge come into play. As a window and door professional, your focus in online marketing should be incorporating the keywords in website content and paid advertising that work best for you and provide the best ROI. Internet marketing professionals who have expertise in interpreting the raw data can help you make the right calls. Just be sure to choose a highly reputable, experienced, transparent online marketing agency as your partner.

All said, this is no time to ignore keyword tracking. It’s just a somewhat more complex science these days. 

Welton Hong is the founder and internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, an Internet marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. Contact him at or 888/383-2848. 

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